About Us

Nothing can describe the feeling you get when you are overcome with confidence. You feel like you can take on the world, conquer almost anything. Nothing stands in your way.

This is the beauty within everyone we want to help build and show off to the world. 

It's amazing how something as simple as an eyebrow wax, new lashes or even skincare advice can change the way you view yourself.  We want to inspire this inner beauty and strength you have hidden inside to shine just as bright on the outside.

How bright will you shine today?


Our owner, Rikki's, journey to creating todays's The Standard Spa

I fell in love with skincare when I discovered the miracle of antique apothecary remedies to help heal my red inflamed skin. *Who knew cucumbers could heal so much!*... READ MORE

Our Certifications


Medical Esthetician

National and State-licensed skin care specialist


Aesthetics Instructor 

State-licensed teacher of the theory and practice of cosmetology


Cosmetology & Aesthetics 

Boad certified specialist in the areas of hair, skin, and nails


Dermaplane Professional & Technician

A professional esthetician who has gained additional certification in dermaplaning


Hydrafacial Technician 

A professional esthetician who has gained additional certification in the hydrofacial procedure


Microblading Technician 

A professional esthetician with certification in microblading.


PCA Medical-grade Facial Masks & Peels

A professional esthetician with certification in medical-grade masks & peels


Nova Lash Extension Technician

A professional esthetician with certification in eyelash extension


Barbacide Covid-19 

The most current information on infection control within professional salons and spas


Barbacide Safety Services

the most current information on health and safety that is pertinent to Beauty Professionals



Unalome symbol is a guide to spiritual growth after overcoming life's difficult path of struggles and suffering. Our life's path isn't always straight or easy. But in the end we will find our own fulfillment which leads to our journey of happiness.


Crescent Moon is the light within the darkness.


Lotus Flower is the ability to rise from life's hardest obstacles to be reborn becoming beautiful, whole and stronger than before.


"Our path in life is filled with twists and turns of struggles, missteps and lessons learned. But, when we choose to see the light during our darkest times, we will rise to become more beautiful and stronger than ever before."

"My goal for The Standard Spa is to teach, guide, rebuild confidence and Inspire your inner beauty to shine brighter. 

Here's to a happier, healthier and more confident YOU!"